How Can You Prevent Bug Infestations in Arizona?

Summer in Arizona is prime time for all sorts of pests to come out. So if you find black widows, bees, scorpions or signs of termite infestation you’re like the many people from Chandler & Gilbert that have already called for help with pest management. If you’re a new resident to Arizona, you will learn that unfortunately summer isn’t the only season when bug issues arise. We want to help you fight off pests year round and if possible, prevent pests from getting in your home or business to begin with. So here are the best pest control tips we can share with you to prevent termite, black widow, bee or scorpion infestations throughout the whole year.

Pest Control and Prevention: A Monthly Guide

January through March

Start the new year by walking around the inside and outside of your Chandler or Gilbert property to carefully look for any signs of termite infestations or possible problem areas where bees, scorpions or black widows could breed or get inside. Pests thrive any place that is dark where a little moisture builds up. So be sure that the landscaping is graded away from the house for rain to flow and that water from hose downspouts are situated to drain away from the foundation. These are the coolest months in Arizona so take this time to prevent pest infestations and clean-up the yard. Clear tree branches and shrubs away from the outside walls by at least 3-4 feet. Always avoid storing anything against the house, especially firewood for termites to feast on. If you are comfortable doing your own pest control then make an insecticide barrier around the perimeter of your home with granules or a hand held insecticide spray. Be careful to keep all children and pets away from these areas and take a look at our DIY Pest Control information. If you are ever unsure about the usage of termite granules or indoor versus outdoor pesticide sprays please call a professional pest control company to avoid applying improper or ineffective pest treatments.

April through June

Since the temperatures haven’t hit above 100 yet, take the time to go around all the doors and windows to fix any broken screens and caulk all around them to ensure you seal out pests like scorpions and black widows. If you see any bugs inside, it might be best to spray an indoor pest treatment to prevent any others from coming in. If you find an infestation, it’s best to call your local pest control company to take care of the issue promptly. Some companies offer seasonal specials or can inspect your home to determine if a bi-monthly pest treatment would be best or just spot treatments when you see any bugs. Residents of Chandler and Gilbert know that as the weather warms up so does bee activity! Although their pollinating role in nature is important, Africanized bees are very aggressive and have been known to kill pets and put humans in the hospital from their stinging attacks. For this reason it is important to contact bee control professionals as they have the knowledge and correct equipment for bee removal. If you discover a beehive on or near your Gilbert or Chandler home, don’t disturb it and follow these bee control suggestions.

July through September

These hot months bring monsoon season which washes away any outdoor pest control treatments you’ve applied so it’s time to respray or use insecticide granules or of course, schedule your local pest control technician to come more often. The heat also makes scorpions very active during these months and the best way to defend against them is by keeping areas uncluttered and sealing any cracks or tiny holes inside and out as mentioned above. Moisture from the seasonal rains also increases termite activity so be vigilant about looking for termite tubes indoors and out. Here are some helpful pointers to avoid scorpion or termite infestation.

October through December

Finally a break in the hot weather arrives and some pests, like scorpions and bees, are not as active but don’t let your guard down! Continue to look for any areas that bugs can get in and spray as needed. Termites are active year round and can do costly damage to your property so always look for signs of termites. Another pest that we haven’t mentioned yet are bed bugs and they are also year round pests and very hard to kill. If you take any trips around the holidays, follow our suggestions on avoiding bed bugs because you do not want them to come home with you!
As you can see, we feel that the best defense is a good offense when it comes to all pests. Doing all you can to avoid letting them in your house in the first place is key! Of course these tiny insects can crawl through the tiniest spaces so if an infestation occurs, don’t lose hope and don’t feel that it’s your fault. Convenient Termite can assist with all your pest control needs so never hesitate to call us!