How To Choose The Best Pest Control for Your Arizona Office

How to Choose Pest Control for Your Office or Warehouse in Arizona

If you own a business or are the office manager at your workplace chances are you’ve seen a bug or two this time of year. The Arizona monsoons stir up all sorts of pests and wash away any outside commercial pest control measures that were laid down. If you are considering calling a professional commercial pest control company we have some things to keep in mind to get the most from your pest management service.

Pest Management for Your Work Place

It’s only natural to want to call a commercial pest control company at the first sign of a bug in your Mesa or Gilbert office. But before you pick up the phone, do a little research. Usually a pest problem can wait a few days while you decide which company is right for you. Ask coworkers or people in neighboring buildings if they have had any pest issues and if they have had good results with their pest control company. Usually, good pest control technicians will come out and give you a free estimate so call a few places to compare estimates.

Questions to Ask Any Commercial Pest Control Company in Arizona

While you’re on the phone with the pest control company ask a few questions like, ‘Are all your technicians licensed or trained with the most current methods?’ and ‘What type of guarantee do you provide after completing pest treatment?’. When a technician comes to give you an estimate they should complete a full inspection. Ask them to to properly identify the type of pest you’re dealing with and provide plans for how they will get rid of any infestation. Some pest issues can be handled with a change of employee practices. For example, having a policy about not leaving any food or drink out on counters or inside desks since that lures in ants and roaches. Keeping all food and drink items in a refrigerator, wiping up spills and cleaning up crumbs may help resolve the issue and eliminate the need for chemical treatment and exposure. However, some bug infestations at work are big enough that the use of pesticide is needed. Check with the pest control technician to see what you and your employees need to do before and after they come to be sure to minimize pesticide exposure. It is customary to make sure all personal items, like purses, are off the floor and that all food or items in your breakroom/kitchen area are removed before spraying takes place.

Best Commercial Pest Control for Your Warehouse

Pests in warehouses are almost always there, even if you don’t see them. It’s just the nature of the business because you’re constantly receiving shipments and those crates have unwanted tag-along pests that come into your warehouse. In those situations you’ll want to ask yourself, is the issue only happening some of the time or do I need routine inspections and treatment by a pest control technician? Many commercial pest management companies offer service contracts and guarantee their work. Depending on what you store in the warehouse, communicate with the company to be very clear about what pesticides they are spraying and exactly when and where so that you can minimize pesticide exposure or residue on your employees and your products.

Dealing with pests at work is never fun so be sure to get a reliable pest control company to come take a look and discuss a pest treatment plan with you. Our customers have mentioned that we are fast, reliable and our pricing is very reasonable so don’t hesitate to call us and we can help answer many of your pest concerns and questions over the phone!