Scorpions in Chandler, Gilbert & Mesa: Separating Myths from Facts

If you live in Chandler, Gilbert or Mesa you may be aware that scorpions also make their homes here and if you discover you have an infestation, you are not alone. If you’ve never seen a scorpion consider yourself lucky as they have an intimidating appearance with their long slender bodies and curled, segmented tails that have a venomous stinger at the end. Because they range in color from black to reddish brown to yellow it can be hard to spot them in desert landscaping so be sure to keep an eye out. We hope that you never find scorpions in your house but just in case, here are some important things to know so you can take appropriate action. Believe us, you don’t need to sell your house and move at the first sighting of these creepy critters.

Myth: All scorpion stings can be deadly

Fact: It is true that all scorpions can sting to kill their prey but only two species in the United States have venom that is strong enough to threaten humans and one of them is the Arizona Bark Scorpion. The unfortunate fact is that Mesa, Gilbert and Chandler provide a good habitat for these scorpions. So there is rightful cause for concern if you see them in or around your home. Most often a scorpion sting is from a different species than the bark scorpion and feels more like a wasp or bee sting. However, it is important to note that younger children, people who have allergies, elderly adults and of course pets may have more severe reactions to scorpion stings and it is always advised to seek medical attention when being stung by any type of scorpion. The good news is that according to tracking by the University of Arizona no deaths from scorpion stings have occurred for 20 years!

Myth: Scorpions only live in more rural areas or new developments

Fact: It has been noted that new developments may disturb scorpions and cause them to become more active or move but they might move to a quieter, already developed area. We have seen this happen when homeowners call and explain they have never seen a scorpion in or around their house and all of a sudden they see multiple scorpions. Obviously, living near the desert or mountain preserves can increase the likelihood of scorpions making their way into your home. This especially seems to occur during the hot summer months as they find a way into homes seeking water. There is unfortunately no guarantee that your home will always remain scorpion free but there are measures you can take to help prevent them from coming into your house. Take a glance at our scorpion prevention tips.

Myth: It is impossible to get rid of scorpions from your house

Fact: While it is not impossible to kill scorpions it can be very difficult to rid your home of these pests once they have found an entry point. They are very hearty creatures and can go months without food or water. Be sure you have regular pest control to get rid of their food source of crickets, roaches and spiders and most importantly, call your local pest control company to come inspect and assess the issue. They can help determine where scorpions are entering your home and have many treatments and professional grade insecticides to help control a scorpion infestation.
Hopefully you feel a bit more empowered with the knowledge and truths about scorpions. If you see a scorpion or two we hope you make the important decision to call a professional pest control company to help resolve the problem quickly and avoid an infestation. We travel throughout the Valley, including Queen Creek, Chandler, Mesa and Gilbert so don’t hesitate to contact us today!