Scorpions in Chandler: Avoid Scorpion Stings with DIY Tips

Whether you’ve just moved to Chandler or have lived in Arizona most of your life, chances are you have seen scorpions up close and personal or know someone who has. As mentioned in our post last month, the Arizona Bark Scorpion has the potential for the most extreme side effects so getting to know the types of scorpions found here in the desert is the first step! The next step is to assess areas in and around your home that might be hiding places for scorpions to hang out. Since scorpions are a part of life here in Arizona, we wanted to share some do-it-yourself tricks to try to avoid unwanted encounters with these stinging creatures.

Scorpions in the Kitchen, Bathroom & Laundry Room

Because scorpions are drawn to dark, damp areas the kitchen, bathrooms and laundry rooms make perfect hideout spots. Sometimes scorpions will crawl up drains and get into a home this way. A simple solution would be to pour 1-2 tablespoons of bleach down your drains every week to prevent scorpions from using the pipes and drains as entry points. To keep scorpions from hunkering down in these areas, be sure there are no leaks where excess moisture is building up. Another step, which is easier said than done, is to keep areas under sinks and in your laundry room uncluttered. A good way to organize is using plastic bins with lids on them since they are hard for scorpions to climb into. It is important to remember that scorpions are hearty creatures, they live in the Arizona desert after all, so it can be hard to get rid of them. One of the most effective ways of controlling a scorpion issue is to go searching for them with tongs and a container if you plan to relocate them or wear heavy boots to quickly crush them. We recommend the later because stomping on them ensures that there is one less scorpion around to crawl back into your home or to reproduce. So if you can muster up the courage, carefully check areas under all sinks and around showers, bathtubs and washing machines for any scorpions taking refuge near a water source. If this idea gives you the creeps, then please call your pest control company who can promise a thorough inspection from a licensed professional.

Keeping Scorpions Out of the Bedroom & Baby’s Room

Some people’s worst nightmares can become reality as you hear stories every year in the Arizona news about someone finding a scorpion in their bed or being stung as they put their shoes on or worst of all, finding a scorpion in a child’s room! There are home remedies we suggest to implement right away. Scorpions can climb any surface that is slightly rough so try to scorpion-proof your bed or the baby’s crib by placing each bedpost in a glass jar. There are actually products specifically sold for this purpose that have reinforced glass bottoms and non-slip surfaces inside the glass so the bed won’t slide around. Another good idea is to place sticky traps along baseboards since scorpions generally follow the walls to get places. With that being said, try to keep beds and cribs slightly away from the wall and don’t have bedskirts on cribs. You could even buy crib netting that is still breathable but will keep a scorpion from, God forbid, falling from the ceiling into the crib.

Scorpion Proof Outside of Your Home

To prevent scorpions from coming inside you have to think like a bug and look for any tiny holes or cracks on the outside of your home where they could crawl in. Check anywhere that pipes or cables enter the house and inspect the mesh over the dryer vent as well. Areas around all doors, windows, heating and AC units should be looked over and seal anywhere you see the tiniest crack! If you’re looking to try a natural approach, plant lavender around the outside of your house or mix water with about 20 drops of lavender or cedar essential oil and spray it around windows and doors as it is a natural repellent to scorpions. If that doesn’t work, another tactic would be to wear a mask and use spray glue and diatomaceous earth around the entire perimeter of your house. The powder will stick to the spray glue and it is abrasive enough to cut the underbelly of scorpions which will dehydrate them and cause them to die. Remember to always wear a mask and don’t let children or pets around the area when you spread diatomaceous earth since the powder can be inhaled and cut the lining of your lungs! Not sure about these methods or just prefer someone else to handle it? You can always call your local pest control company to come assess your needs and discuss a pest management plan!

Hopefully these tips will help keep your home free from scorpions and avoid any stings but if you continue to see them inside your house, be sure to contact us so that we can treat with more specific methods and chemicals that only licensed professionals are trained to use!