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Cockroach Control in Mesa, AZ

Cockroaches are incredibly versatile creatures and are able to survive for a maximum of 30 days without nutrients. These insects are adaptable in many environments which cause them to be incredibly difficult to eliminate without professional tools and expertise.

Cockroaches often carry proteins that can trigger allergies. These proteins also have the potential to produce severe asthma symptoms, particularly in children and young adults who are predisposed to asthma. For these reasons, it’s crucial to eliminate all traces of infestation upon an initial sign of cockroach activity with our personalized Mesa, AZ roach exterminator pest management plans.

Where Could They Be Hiding?

In general, roaches are prone to dwelling in dim, moist environments like basements, garages, or crawlspaces. Cockroaches prefer to live and feed during the night, so coming in contact with a cockroach during the day is a strong sign of infestation. It is important to monitor boxes you may be keeping in storage spaces, and consistently keep an eye on secluded areas of your home. Our technicians are more than happy to inspect your premises for cockroach activity, so don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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Convenient Termite and Pest Control wants to team up with you or your business to expel the threat of cockroaches from your property. With years of experience and more training than many standard pest control companies in Mesa, AZ, our technicians know exactly how to pinpoint the source of infestation and eliminate the problem at its core. We implement a strategic process of inspection, identification, elimination, and powerful protection to rid your home of all cockroach activity – and keep it that way.

We hold a certification/license from the Office of Pest Management and are a member of Business Network International (BNI) Arizona, Southeast Valley Regional Association of Realtors, Termidor, ARMLS, Pan De Vida, and BBB.

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