DIY Pest Control: Dangerous Risk Factors

As temperatures begin to warm up here in Queen Creek, Gilbert and Chandler all the pests that were laying low in the winter are much more active looking for food and water sources. So if you are seeing more scorpions, bees, and spiders around your house or business then you are not alone. With many off-the-shelf pesticides and insecticides it may seem that maintaining pest control yourself is cost-effective and easy to do. But before you spray that can of bug killer or run to the local hardware store for an easy to spray insecticide, consider the possible dangers it could pose to yourself, your family and your pets.

Dangers of Improper Insecticide Use

There is a fine line between using the proper amount or too much of any chemical and many homeowners may not know where that line is drawn. This is on the extreme end of what can happen but there was a case last year of a home in New Jersey that caught fire by a homeowner trying to control pests by using bug bombs improperly. Hopefully that never happens again to anyone but sometimes people forget they are dealing with hazardous chemicals. Even with all the warnings listed on cans of bug spray and on the gallon spray pesticides we have seen homeowners over spray time and time again. Usually people think that by using more insecticide it will ensure pests are killed or will prevent pests from getting indoors. This is NOT the case and the excess fumes or lingering poison can cause a lot of harm to the person spraying and everyone else in the house. It is critical to carefully follow the instructions on the pesticide or insecticide label to ensure no one has a reaction to the chemicals. If there is ever any question that a person or pet is having a reaction to pest control products be sure to call Poison Control right away at 1-800-222-1222 or for a furry friend call 1-888-426-4435 to reach the Animal Poison Control Center.

Effectiveness of DIY Pest Control

Differences in strength between off-the-shelf pest control products and professional grade treatments can vary quite a bit and for good reason. Reliable, licensed pest control technicians go through extensive training to understand each pest and the chemicals or products that are used to exterminate them. The products they use are therefore stronger and much more effective at ridding your home of pests. Sometimes people spend so much time and money trying different pest control measures that it actually could have been cheaper to just call an exterminator in the first place!

Knowledge of Pests and Proper Treatments

Just because you see pests in one area doesn’t mean they aren’t in other areas of your home or business so spot treating may not get rid of the problem. We have come to homes where off-the-shelf baits or traps are set in places that actually are doing more harm than good because they are drawing pests into the house. This is where the training of pest control technicians is so helpful because they can usually spot problem areas or entrance points where pests are making their way inside. Plus, as mentioned above, the products that licensed pest control companies use are stronger and most importantly, technicians know how to properly and effectively apply them. Some pests, like scorpions, can be very hard to get rid of and the professionals can come up with a good pest management program specifically for your home or business.

To avoid any issues we suggest playing it safe and having a professional, trained pest control company take care of your home or place of work. Not only can this help keep everyone safe from overuse of bug sprays but many pest control companies guarantee their work and will come back at no charge if there is still an issue. As always, we are happy to help answer any pest related questions you might have so feel free to contact us anytime!