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bees & wasps
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Bee and Wasp Control- Mesa, AZ

The presence of bees or wasps is not only an annoyance, but can present a danger to residents, employees, visitors, and more. If one is allergic to the venom present in a bee’s or wasp’s sting, one single encounter could be deadly. Even for those who are not allergic to bees or wasps, risking multiple stings from either poses a huge health threat. There are many species of bees and wasps; some species, such as Africanized bees (sometimes called killer bees) are more aggressive and quick to attack when they are disturbed. While Africanized bees are not native to the Phoenix area, they have moved in and made themselves at home.

We urge you to call our bee and wasp control experts upon discovery, as most species are quick to sting when agitated. Our technicians will use reactive bee and wasp control treatments to get rid of existing bee or wasps colonies and their active nests on your property. They will also implement preventative service to keep bees and wasps from establishing and building nests on your premises.

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