Bee Control in Chandler, Gilbert & Mesa: Separating Myths from Facts

If you live in the area of Mesa, Chandler or Gilbert you may have noticed a huge increase in bee  activity over the past month. With the first day of spring officially here and all the desert flowers in bloom it’s very common to see busy bees everywhere! Because many bees are considered Africanized or ‘killer bees’ you may feel apprehensive and there are times to be very cautious. Let us help you understand the important job bees do for our environment and when to leave them be or when to get away quickly and call a professional bee removal expert.

Myth: All bee swarms are extremely dangerous and require bee removal

Fact: Not all bees are dangerous and a swarm of bees may just be a colony that is moving from one place to another trying to establish a new hive. If you find a swarm around your home or business watch closely to see if they are flying in and out of one particular spot or if they just seem to be slowly flying around the group. The latter means they could just be resting before moving on but if they stick around for more than two days or are impeding an entrance or exit then it’s time to call someone. Some bee swarms can be deadly so it is critical not to disturb a swarm or try to remove bees on your own. Bee control or removal experts have the proper protective clothing and techniques to take care of major and minor bee colonies.

Myth: Africanized honey bees, known as killer bees, have a sting that is fatal

Fact: Africanized Honey Bees came to be known as ‘killer bees’ not because their sting is any more potent than a regular honey bee but because of their aggressive nature. They have been known to attack in greater numbers and follow people or pets for longer distances. According to medical manuals is it noted that, on average, an adult can survive about 1,000 stings but this is obviously dependent on the weight of the person as well as if they are allergic. Children however can only survive 500 stings or less and this is why it is so important to be alert when younger people are outside. Even at the Phoenix Zoo they have cautionary signs for ‘High Bee Activity’ and to steer clear of the area. Some helpful rules to follow to avoid attracting bees include: respect the bee’s space, don’t wear dark or vibrant colors and avoid perfumes or scented lotions when spending time outdoors.

Myth: Bee attacks happen so often that Arizona needs more bee control

Fact: In reality, more awareness is helpful to the bee control issues since bees play an important role in the pollination of plants and therefore, the health of our ecosystem. Regular honey bees are usually docile in nature but just as if your home was being threatened you would have a defensive response and that is why they sting. Unfortunately, since the Africanized Honey Bee has taken over the bee population, bee attacks have risen over the past years. Africanized Honey Bees can be provoked very easily, attack with such force and have been known to kill pets and humans, so they have brought to light the importance of keeping safe distance from any bees you may come across.
As you can see, some bees are buzzing around just to get pollen and do their work while others may be on the move or ferociously protecting their hive. Since most people aren’t bee experts and can’t tell whether bee activity is normal or dangerous we always suggest calling on the professionals to take care of bee control problems. If you want to know more about keeping your home or business safe from bees take a look at our bee control tips or give us a call anytime!


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