Bee Control & Bee Removal in Arizona (Chandler/Gilbert)

Bee Removal and Bee Control in Arizona

Bee control and removal is a very tricky and precise process which should never be taken on by an untrained professional. During the summer months of 2015, Arizona pest control companies and local fire departments saw a spike in calls about Africanized Honey Bee attacks. These particular honey bees, also known as ‘killer bees’ earned their nickname because they are very easily provoked and will fiercely attack people or animals that come into their hive’s territory. With continued warm weather into October, the bees remain very active so here are some things to think about to help control bees around your home and when to call for bee removal.

Bee Control Measures Around Your Home

According to entomologists, the Africanized Honey Bee is found throughout the state and at this point, all wild bees in Arizona are considered Africanized. So, if you come across any bee or bee swarm you must assume they are Africanized and steer clear of them. To help control bee activity around your yard or when you’re outdoors here are a few steps to take.

  1. When gardening, walking or hiking outdoors wear light colored clothing, nothing vibrant that may resemble flowers.
  2. Try to avoid wearing flower or tropical scented perfumes or aftershaves to avoid attracting bees. If you observe more bee activity around your home or yard, don’t panic and think you need to remove the bees right away. It could be that bees are just foraging in your flowers or trees for nectar which plays an important role in plant and human life.
  3. To help avoid bee stings due to a surprise discovery of bees in your yard, make sure children and pets are inside and look over an area before you begin using loud tools like lawn mowers or blowers. The noise and vibration from these have been known to cause bees to swarm and attack.

When to Call Bee Removal Experts

If you do come across a beehive or a swarm in your yard do not disturb it and call a local bee removal or relocation company. Local pest control companies estimate that there can be over 40,000 bees in one killer bee colony so they attack in greater numbers and will follow their aggressor for up to 500 yards! Typically, if there is no danger of a bee attack and you just want the hive removed safely, a bee control expert will handle the situation. However, if you accidentally upset a beehive and the bees attack it is best to call your local fire department.

  1. The city of Mesa urges residents throughout the Valley to call 911 for aggressive, attacking bees that are a threat to public health and their website provides a list of who to contact for bee removal in Mesa in a public place, like parks, etc.
  2. Chander Fire, Health & Medical department suggests covering your face with your shirt or hands and running into your home or vehicle right away to get away from the bees. Don’t jump into a pool because Africanized bees have been known to wait until you come up for air to sting. Always call 911 if you have been involved in a stinging bee attack.
  3. Similarly, the Queen Creek Fire & Medical department stated that they will respond to bee attack calls and for people who know they are allergic to always carry medicine with them just in case.
  4. The city of Gilbert refers to the Maricopa County Vector Control Division who investigates feral bee complaints on city property.


Again, unless bees attack on your property it is not advised to call 911. Homeowners are responsible for calling a bee removal or relocation professional if there is a bee colony in your yard or home. So, as you can see, bees are an integral part of our environment but they can pose health threats from their stinging attacks and it becomes necessary to call bee removal experts. If you have questions about bee control or removal we are here to help so don’t hesitate to call!