Arizona Termite Inspections & Termite Report

Arizona Termite Inspections & Termite Report Explained

If you live in Mesa, Chandler or the Phoenix area and are looking to buy or sell a home then you will most likely need a termite inspection and report. There may seem like so much to do when buying or selling a home so let us help you check the termite report off your list quickly and accurately. Below, we’ve explained the termite report and inspection details as well as Arizona state information for your convenience.

What is a Termite Report or WDIIR?

An official termite report is also called the Wood-Destroying Insect Inspection Report, WDIIR for short. This is a two page document that includes details of any visible evidence of infestation of wood-destroying insects. It also lists a history of any previous treatment as well as pinpointing areas of concern or areas blocked to inspection. Although the termite report does not guarantee absence of termites or other wood-destroying insects it does give buyers a heads up for problem areas like cracks in foundation or leaking pipes. These areas are most susceptible to wood-destroying insects including termites, carpenter ants and powder post beetles so it may be helpful for the seller to treat issues prior to putting a house on the market or for the buyer to know what areas to watch for signs of termite infestation if they are buying the house.

Is a Termite Inspection Required to Sell My House?

Arizona does not have a law that mandates a termite inspection and report be filed when you buy or sell a home. However, most all lending institutions in Arizona do require a WDIIR because the bank wants to cover all bases when closing the sale of a home. If you are in the beginning stages of selling or buying a home there is a great online tool on the State of Arizona OPM’s (Office of Pest Management) website where you can search the address of a property and find the termite history report.

What to Expect Of a Termite Inspection & Report

Only a licensed pest control company can submit an official termite report (WDIIR) to the potential buyer & lending institution. Here are the steps we take and any local, licensed exterminators should perform while completing the termite inspection and report.

  • Thorough inspection of all areas of the home, including attics and crawl spaces when accessible
  • Detailed account of any termite evidence if found and/or explanation of any corrections to be made in potential problem areas
  • Fixing some conditions if possible during inspection or if termite presence is discovered a free estimate for treatment
  • Accurate report filing and follow up with agents involved

If you are a homebuyer, seller or realtor in need of a licensed pest control company to efficiently complete a termite inspection and accurate WDIIR, please don’t hesitate to call us. Our trained professionals are here to help with all your termite needs!