3 Tips for Kids Safety and Pest Control

Raising a family with kids in Queen Creek, Mesa or Gilbert means you are probably spending a lot of time outdoors, soaking up the beautiful weather this time of year. Warmer temperatures also signal an increase in activity for all pests so we want to help you address your pest control needs while keeping your family safe.

1. Understand Pesticide Terms

Did you know that the warning labels on pesticides actually have different keywords to look for that will help you know which pest control method is the least toxic. It is important to note, these words only describe the short-term toxicity of the product so there may be other long lasting effects. That is why it is always important to keep any pesticide in a safe, locked away location that children can’t get into. According to the National Pesticide Information Center, the three main words on pesticide labels include: CAUTION, WARNING or DANGER. Caution on the label indicates the product is slightly toxic if inhaled or eaten and will cause minor eye or skin irritation. Warning means that if the pesticide is inhaled or eaten it is moderately toxic with a more severe irritation to eyes and skin. Danger is the highest level of toxicity and should include the label ‘Poison.’ This means that the pesticide is highly toxic if eaten or inhaled and may cause severe damage to the eyes or skin. If a child ever comes in contact with any type of pest control product always be sure to call Poison Control or take them to the doctor right away.

2. Try to Prevent Pesticide Exposure in Kids

Trying to keep pests out in the first place is a good start to avoiding use of pest control methods. Some basic home maintenance can help deter pests, for example, sealing all gaps around your home and caulking around doors and windows can reduce the entry spots for bugs. It will also help to keep the outside of your home cleaned up by trimming all shrubs and trees away from your house and ensuring trash can lids are secure. Unfortunately, some household pests require the use of pesticides to get rid of an infestation but how and where you apply them can make all the difference in your family’s safety. There are some chemical-free pest control products on the market or as we mentioned above, using the least toxic pesticide is denoted by a ‘CAUTION’ label. Always following the label instructions very carefully will also help you to prevent overuse of the product. Instead of pesticide sprays or bug bombs, we recommend using crevice treatments or enclosed bait stations since these methods decrease the likelihood of pesticide exposure.

3. How Pest Control Products Harm Children

We have to remember that children learn about the world around them differently than adults. For example, infants and toddlers put things in their mouths and they are in more contact with the ground while learning to crawl and walk. Plus, children’s bodies are less able to detoxify and get rid of harmful chemicals as quickly as an adult. For all these reasons it is very important to understand that any pest control used can affect kids more than their adult caregivers. This is where it comes in handy to have a local pest control company assess your home and figure out a pest management plan that is kid-safe and gets rid of those bugs!
Armed with this knowledge, we hope it will help you decide how to tackle your home pest control issues while keeping your family safe. Many pest control companies have kid and pet safe options so always be sure to ask about them. Feel free to contact us for any pest management questions or for an assessment because we are always here to serve the Queen Creek community and all surrounding areas!